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Civic integration exam (A2) complete

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The integration exam exam package contains all modules of the B1 exams of DUO. The questions in the exams are very similar to the questions you receive during the real DUO exam. All exams are online and you get immediate access after purchase. The tests for reading comprehension and listening comprehension are checked automatically and you will receive an immediate result. The tests for speaking and writing skills are checked by certified NT2 teachers and you will receive the results by e-mail within 48 hours. It is possible to receive a certificate of one or more modules if passed.

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The costs for the complete Integration Exam package are EUR 149. Would you prefer a price per exam? Look here for the price of individual exam components

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After purchasing the Civic Integration exam package, you will have direct online access to the practice exams reading, listening, speaking, writing.


Our exams are made by certified NT2 teachers. Thanks to their many years of experience as certified NT2 teachers, they have been able to develop practice exams that are very similar to the real integration exams of DUO.

30 dagen toegang

No time to take all exams at once? No problem. After purchase you have access to the online material for 30 days.

Ruim 6 uur oefenmateriaal

Reading comprehension: 40 questions
Writing skills: 16 writing assignments
Speaking skills: 22 questions
Listening comprehension: 40 listening questions


Give your results more value! It is possible to receive a certificate for the successful components. You can use this certificate as proof of your language level. Handy for registering at a school, for your employer or for in a list in your bedroom.


Success rate

Users of our online tests have a pass rate of 96%!



Many users at home and abroad preceded you and were successful thanks to the online practice exams


Exam materials

This package includes more than 6 hours of online practice material. Enough to be fully prepared for the real DUO Civic Integration Exam


"With the help of the online exams of Nederlands de Baas I was able to prepare for the B1 exams perfectly. I passed all 4 modules speaking, listening, reading, writing in one go. I certainly would recommend preparing with these online exams as they are almost the same as the ones from DUO "

– Fatma Günes – Amsterdam (Turkey)

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Payment options

The exams can be paid in various ways. Contact us for payments via the DUO loan.




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Buy the practice exam of Nederlands de Baas here and pass the official integration or state exam I and II.

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