How do you find the right painter?

Finding the right painter for your interior painter or exterior painting is sometimes a huge challenge. There are a number of sites where you can request quotes. However, the problem with this is sometimes that you have to wait a long time or sometimes you do not receive a quote at all. You can also be called at random (awkward) times with all kinds of questions about the job. And when you receive offers, it is often comparing apples with pears. One painter does not charge VAT on his quotation, the other does, but does not include material and travel costs. Often a lot of hassle to make the right choice.

Now there is Here you will be guided step by step with only the right questions about your job. This way you can get clear about what needs to be done and what not. Perhaps more importantly, you can write a perfect briefing for painters in this way without having experience with painting jobs or drafting a briefing. When everything is filled in, you will immediately receive an overview of the costs and quotations from local painters in your area!

And to top it all off, we put these quotations neatly in a row for you so that you can make a clear choice for those matters that are important to you!

Take a quick look at and request a quote for your painting job!