Dutch de Baas

If you are ‘the boss’ of the Dutch language, that means that you have complete control over the language. It is a Dutch way of saying that you have something under control. You’re in charge of something. At ‘Nederlands de Baas’ we will ensure that you get that control over the Dutch language, so that you can say: “I am the boss in Dutch.”

The school is an initiative of Margriet van Baasbank. She studied Cultural Anthropology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She has more than 10 years of work experience in the classroom, as a high school social studies teacher and as an NT2 teacher for various institutions. Instead of working for different educational institutions, she decided to set up her own school. Her main reason for this is to be flexible and personal for the students. She wants to be able to adapt the lessons to her students, be it faster or slower. Teaching in small groups gives her the opportunity to focus on the personal learning of all students.

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Our mission is to contribute to a society in which people from different backgrounds live together in harmony, with respect and understanding for each other’s differences but connected in their daily lives in which they share a common basis of norms and values.