Personal approach

We know every single student by name and we try to adapt our lessons to the personal goals as much as we can even if this may change the scope of the course.

Small groups

We acknowledge the importance of getting the attention of the teacher and being able to get much time to practise with speaking during the lessons. This is possible in small groups only. A typical group at our school consists of 6 to 10 students only.

Small scale

We conduct a personal intake with every student so that we always know the person behind the student. Due to the small groups, there is close contact with the teacher and there is always an overview of the progress.

Laptop for homework

We use the lessons for explaining grammar and for speaking mostly. You may work independently at home as much as possible with our special e-learning programs. YOu don't have your own laptop? No worries! You may borrow a laptop that you take home to do homework.

Nederlands de Baas in 2 minutes

Wanna know what makes us different from other language schools? Find out in 2 minutes!

Civic Integration & Learning Dutch

Integrating into a new society is is never easy. The integration process is also different for everyone. One is good at reading and writing, the other is good at speaking or listening. In addition to language skills, the person integrating is also expected to have sufficient knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM). Integration is a process that is difficult to measure. Are you ready for your exams when you have worked through certain books behind the laptop at your desk? Or is it better to contact the Dutch and watch Dutch television? Everyone has their own way of learning. Everyone has their own integration process. Nederlands de Baas uses different teaching and working methods and is flexible in offering teaching materials and courses .