When you move to another country in your life, for whatever reason, you have to adapt to your new environment. Have you received a residence permit? Then integration is the next step. This means that you will get to know the language and the culture. If you come from a country within the EU, integration is not mandatory. But for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands, it is important that they can speak in Dutch and that they also participate in society.

Integration in the Netherlands

Civic integration in the Netherlands means that you prepare for the six exam components: speaking, reading, writing, listening, KNM (Knowledge of Dutch Society) and ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market). You normally get three years for this. The Dutch government has many rules and forms for this. Nederlands de Baas helps you with the entire process; for example applying for the loan, the registration for the exams and also all forms that are requested by the municipality and by DUO (the government). We ensure that you meet the requirements on time and within your budget so that you do not have to worry about a fine or paying back the loan.

Our integration courses

Our integration courses contain all components required for the exams. Because we are also flexible, we can also only offer specific parts. Such as, for example, only KNM or only ONA, or only exam training. We have different prices for this. Call us for an appointment so that we can look into this with you.

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Practice integration exams

At Nederlands de Baas we offer practice exams for the integration exam as well as the State Exam I and the State Exam II (STEX I and STEX II). A number of these practice exams are completely free and you can directly practice the reading exam, the writing exam, KNM and the listening exam. This is important because all DUO exams are digital. If you are interested in more practice exams you can integration package if it state exam I. if it state exam II buy package. The tests are put together by our certified teachers and are a good reflection of the real exams of DUO

Would you like a practice exam for Try civic integration A2 for free ? Which can! On this website you will find practice exams for reading, listening, writing, speaking and KNM at A2 level. These practice exams are very similar to the official integration exam of DUO. Are you already more advanced and do you want to practice B1 or even B2? That is also possible! On this website you will also find Practice Exams for all parts of the State Exam I. and the State Exam II .

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DUO & integration

Learning Dutch is part of integration. During the integration you learn the language but also how the Dutch live and work. Then you take the integration exam. If you pass the exam, you are integrated.

The DUO Integration Service Center organizes the integration exam for newcomers in the Netherlands.

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Integration at your location

Nederlands de Baas currently teaches at three locations: Nijmegen, Gennep and Nieuw-Bergen. Because we are flexible in terms of location and with our teachers, we can provide lessons throughout Gelderland and North Limburg. We apply a lower limit of 6 students for this. However, a condition for this is that the students must be of a comparable level with a comparable learning pace. With a new registration of 6 or more students in a new place such as Arnhem, we will quickly add a location and start lessons in your place.