Nederlands de Baas has Nijmegen as its main location and we now teach at various locations in Nijmegen, Gennep and Nieuw-Bergen. But we are also flexible in this. It is often easier to send one teacher to a village than to have 10 students travel by bus. If there are more than five students at a location, we are happy to come that way. In Nijmegen we teach at various locations in Hatert, but with enough students we can offer lessons in Nijmegen Center, Nijmegen East, Nijmegen Dukenburg, Bottendaal, Galgenveld, Wolfskuil, Hees, Heseveld, Neerbosch-East, de Hazenkamp, Goffert, Heijendaal, Grootstal , Kerkenbos, Oosterhout, in Lent, or even in Arnhem .