On the basis of the Education and Vocational Education Act, municipalities receive funds to invest in education. The WEB budget must be spent on training aimed at improving the Dutch language and arithmetic (including digital skills). In addition to formal tracks, municipalities can also purchase non-formal tracks, which means that the track does not necessarily lead to a diploma. The target group of the WEB are adults (18+) who are not obliged to integrate. This includes the following groups

  • Former integrators who want to increase their language from A2 to B1
  • Beneficiaries who do not comply with the Language Requirements Act
  • Low-literate immigrant & native residents

As of January 1, 2015, municipalities themselves are responsible for the educational provision. The financial resources are divided among the 35 labor market regions. Each region jointly draws up a Regional Education Plan in which it describes what kind of offer it wants to arrange and for which target group.

Nederlands de Baas currently provides language enhancement lessons from the WEB in two municipalities. We do this in the municipality of Gennep and the municipality of Bergen. We teach our native and immigrant students to read, listen, speak and write up to B1 language level. In the context of the WEB, we also administer language tests for the aforementioned disciplines. We also do this in the municipality of Beesel. Is your municipality also looking for a partner to conduct tests? Thanks to our in-house developed language tests, we can take both online and offline tests. This can be done remotely, but if desired, we can also do this on location in your municipality. Please feel free to contact us for the costs and options

Gemeente Gennep