Better communication in the workplace
There are many (new) employees in the Netherlands with a language deficiency. Due to this backlog, it is sometimes difficult to find a job, to keep it or to grow within an existing job. It may also be the case that people from this group are not able to do the work that they would actually like to do or have done in their country of origin due to language deficiency.

This is a shame for this group of people but also a missed opportunity for the labor market in the Netherlands. A suitable job, for which the employee is also communicatively prepared, will ensure satisfaction for both the employer and the employee. At Nederlands de Baas we are therefore not satisfied with just a six-month contract, but we strive for sustainable placement. At Nederlands de Baas, we set the bar just a little higher.

Nederlands de Baas employs certified language teachers and coaches, who help new employees and existing staff in the workplace with language & cultural differences. In this way, the new employees learn the language that is used within your company. After all, a carpenter needs different words than someone who works for a bodyshop.

Obtaining certification
Many people with a language deficiency have difficulty obtaining training related to certifications such as the VCA. This is because these courses are made for people with a B1 language level or even higher. In addition, people are often not yet familiar with the professional language required to obtain a certificate. At Nederlands de Baas, we help your employees to obtain a certificate or driver’s license so that the employee can quickly increase his or her value within your company without taking a lot of extra time and effort.