DUO stands for Education Executive Agency. This is the part of the government that organizes the integration exams and that ensures that you can borrow money for an integration course. Only schools with a quality mark (van Blik Op Werk) are allowed to teach lessons for the government. Nederlands de Baas has this quality mark and only has certified teachers who know exactly what you need to pass your exams.

Look at Work Quality Mark

Nederlands de Baas BV is in possession of it Look at Work Quality Mark with four stars
Nederlands de Baas BV has achieved the following results (compared to the standards of the Blik op Werk Quality Mark).
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Inspection Supervision in the Classroom

Nederlands de Baas BV was inspected by the knowledge institute ITTA for the quality of didactics and student guidance as part of ‘Supervision in the Classroom’. Below you will find the corresponding report.
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Blik op Werk Satisfaction survey

Nederlands de Baas BV takes part in the Blik op Werk Satisfaction Survey. View here the results.

Dutch de Baas

is the school for integration and Dutch for non-native speakers that distinguishes itself from other institutions by its small groups, learning at its own level and pace, direct application of what has been learned in practice, an Arabic speaking language assistant and laptops, which can be used both within and outside the classroom can be used.
The best way to get to know a new country is through its people. Language is central to this and will help you get off to a flying start in this new chapter of your life!
“Nederlands de Baas” offers you complete course packages to prepare you for your integration exam or your state exam. We have flexible courses from State Exam II to special literacy courses.
But it is more than just learning the language. It is an introduction to Dutch culture and society. We experience the language in practice, in real situations. A language and a culture cannot be learned from books. We are convinced of that!

Distinguish from other organizations

Flexible courses, learning in practice, small groups (5-10pers), laptop to borrow, customization, private lessons possible, local, small-scale.

Intensive summer course in Dutch

Start August 3, 2020, five days a week for four weeks, Levels B1 and B2

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