Integration in the Netherlands consists of six exam components: speaking, reading, writing, listening, KNM (Knowledge of Dutch Society) and ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market). You normally get three years for this. The Dutch government has many rules and forms for this. Nederlands de Baas helps you with the entire process; for example applying for the loan, the registration for the exams and also all forms that are requested by the municipality and by DUO (the government). We guide you through the entire integration process. This means that we ensure that you meet the requirements on time and within your budget and you do not have to worry about a fine or paying back the loan.

Refugees can borrow money from DUO for the course and the exams. This money should only be spent on by Look at Work certified integration schools. Nederlands de Baas has this certificate. If you are a refugee, you do not have to repay the loan provided you meet the integration requirements within three years. If you are not a refugee but want to settle in the Netherlands for another reason, you can also borrow money from DUO . You have to pay this back later.

Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) : this part is about how people in the Netherlands interact with each other and what the rules are in the Netherlands.

Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market (ONA) : with this component you prepare yourself for finding work in the Netherlands. This component is mandatory for all newcomers who came to the Netherlands after January 1, 2015.

The Reading, Listening, Speaking and Knowledge of Dutch Society exams are taken on the computer. These are multiple choice questions. The results will be known within a week.

Writing at A2 level is done with pen and paper. Think of assignments such as: writing a note, filling in a form or writing a piece about the weather.

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