Nederlands de Baas offers self-developed tests to practice with. This can be used by anyone who would like to practice more. We try these mock exams resemble the real exams as much as possible so that you can start the real exams well prepared and with confidence.

What does the integration exam entail?

The exam integration consists of 7 parts. In order to successfully complete the integration, all these components must be passed. The integration consists of 6 integration exam a2 and 1 statement:

– Participation statement
Orientation Dutch Labor Market (ONA)
– Read
– Listen
– To write
– To speak
Knowledge of Dutch Society

You can do it on this website integration practice exam.

How much does the integration exam cost?

The cost for one integration exam of DUO are between 50 and 60 euros and depend on the part.

The table shows the price of the exams.
Description Amount
To write € 50, -
To speak € 60, -
Listen € 50, -
Read € 50, -
Knowledge of Dutch Society € 40, -
Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market € 40, -
Total € 290, -

How long does the integration exam take?

The table shows the duration of the integration exams.
Civic integration exam Time
To write 40 min
To speak 35 min
Listen 45 min
Read 65 min
Knowledge of Dutch Society 45 min
Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market 15 min
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Where can I take the integration exam?

It’s official integration exam of DUO you can do it in 6 places in the Netherlands. The places are spread over the country and easily accessible by public transport:

  • Amsterdam
  • Eindhoven
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Zwolle

Are you coming by car? Then pay attention! DUO does not have its own parking spaces, so you must find a parking space yourself. So make sure you leave home on time.

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How can I apply for an integration exam?

Sign up for it civic integration exam from DUO

To register for an integration exam, go to the website of and log in with DigiD in the My Inburgering environment.

After logging in, click on “exams” and you can register for an exam near you. Please note, do this 6 weeks in advance. Sometimes it takes a long time before you can take the exam.

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How do you pass the integration exam?

To pass the exam it is of course important to take lessons at a certified NT2 school and to study hard. One of the best ways to get the Learn Dutch language is to associate a lot with the Dutch. This can be done via work , sports or any other leisure activity. But of course it is also nice if you have it somewhere practice exam can exercise. You can find all NT2 exams practice online .

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