State exams (NT2 exams) are available on two levels. State Exam I and State Exam II. State Exam I equals language level B1. This level is necessary for following a course at MBO level, like most courses at the ROC. State Exam II equals level B2. This level is at least required for following a course at a higher professional education or university. Practice exams for these levels will be added to our website every two months. You can order this as a total package or per part.

With the packages you can practice the Nt2 duo state exam. You can practice all parts of the state exam b1. You can also first view a state exam example. The following components are included in the package for NT2 State Exam Practice B2 example:

  • a state exam example
  • nt2 exam reading practice online
  • nt2 listening exercises b2
  • staatexamennt2 speak
  • fluency in Dutch nt2
  • practice knm exam

Choose below for the Staatsexamen NT2 B1 exercises or the Staatsexamens NT2 B2 exercises