Collaboration Dutch de Baas and Klusbazen is going well!

" Can you write a business plan for me? ''

It may not have come straight out in these terms, but this was what he meant. And so my husband Sander often got questions from students who wanted to start his own business.

I am the teacher, the anthropologist, the do-gooder, the " woman ''.
He is the entrepreneur, the risk taker, the networker, the " man ''.

(After some inner feminist struggles, I have now found peace in this fairly traditional division of roles)


After Sander helped with a business plan for a painting company, the following language problem surfaced; communication with the customer. He speaks and understands enough Dutch to be able to perform a job well, but the competition speaks better. Or English. Whether Sander could also come along to the customer.

Language in the workplace

And to make a long story short:

Nederlands de Baas, language and integration, is proud of the collaboration with the new company Klusbazen.

Klusbazen has now received 6 people from benefits and given a permanent contract. These are painters, plasterers, tilers and carpenters from Syria and Iraq, who often worked in and out of temporary contracts in warehouses or factories while they have years of experience in their profession but cannot independently deploy their talents in the Netherlands.

And in this way we hope to be able to offer many more status holders directly in their own place in our society from the integration process.